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Product Offering

Universal Payload Rack System (UPRS)

A novel payload interface designed to integrate customer payloads onto standard racks within spacecraft, aimed to standardise to a new broad application payload interface standard. Our UPRS will meet the requirements of the new generation of payloads needing to be flown in space. UPRS is being developed in partnership with Sierra Space for initial use on the Dream Chaser and LIFE module and is designed to be interoperable with the ISS and other spacecraft. This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Moon to Mars Initiative.

Agile Constellation Concept (ACC)

Agile constellation is an end-to-end solution for a compact and resilient satellite capability to enhance Australia’s sovereign earth observation and communications capabilities.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Brolga

Brolga is an in-house funded development program involving the design, prototype, and flight demonstration of a Tilt-Wing UAS for Civil and Defence Missions.

enable aerospace partners

The University of Melbourne
RMIT University
Sierra Space